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A WOMAN who is 5ft 10in and weighs 175lbs has shared how trolls often "mansplain" BMI to her – but her fans say she looks incredible.

The TikTok gym girl and online coach showed off her figure to prove that BMI is "not an accurate measurement".

In a video, Sierra (@sierraaudet) donned a cross-back sports bra and cycling shorts to prove that numbers don't mean anything.

"A reminder that BMI is not an accurate measurement. My weight is 175lbs and it says I'm overweight but this is what I look like," she captioned the post.

Body Mass Index is a person's weight divided by the square of height, where a high BMI can indicate high levels of body fat.

The gym goer from Vancouver revealed that she's 175 pounds and almost five-foot-ten, and even though her BMI classed her as overweight, she looks and feels great.

But this doesn't come without the constant "mansplaining" of BMI from random men in her comment sections.

One man wrote: "You should let it do by a doctor it's obvious that you can't make up your BMI by only weight, height and age," to which Sierra replied: "That's literally what bmi is".

Another troll said: "If you want attention just say so".

A third "mansplainer" commented: "BMI is accurate for 95% of people who don't lift in a serious manner. We've known this since before I was born".

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Despite the scattering of negative remarks under her posts, most of her comments are from her supportive female fans.

One woman said: "Beautiful and the girlies know this is so true!!!!! Ignore them".

A second commented: "You look great, I'm sorry you made it to whatever trash side of tiktok this has ended up on. I'm 175 and don't look nearly as good as you".

Another came to Sierra's defence and wrote: "The mansplaining in these comments is alarming, you look perfect!!"

The fitness influencer's video blew up on TikTok with 32.9k likes and over 600 comments.

Sierra Audet is known by her 38.2k followers for her workout advice and body positivity content.

This follows a 5ft 11in mom that weighs 250lbs who has encouraged her 5,000 social media followers to axe the idea of BMI.

The 29-year-old mum of two shared her struggles with her body after having two C-sections.

Another gym girl also shut down haters who think you need to be at a low weight to be considered fit.

The 5ft 10in content creator weighs 185lbs and people say shes "doing God's work".

And doctors revealed a simple DIY obesity test that could be used instead of calculating your BMI.

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The age-old method, which calculates whether a person is a healthy weight, is still hailed by the Government and NHS doctors alike.

But now, experts have shunned the "flawed" health calculating system and have called for it to be replaced with a more accurate measure.

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