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A HOUSE cleaner has revealed the worst things clients do that'll ensure they won't come back to clean again.

Victoria, a cleaner at Pocket Rockets Cleaning Services took to TikTok to share her gripes.

In the clip, she revealed the worst thing clients can call a cleaner to ensure they don't come back.

The first thing was clients following the cleaner around the house while they try and get the job done.

She said: "They've hired you to clean the house, but they obviously they don't trust you or don't think you know what you're doing and they literally follow you around the house, like checking up.

"It's rude, it's disrespectful, it's damn right annoying."


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The cleaning expert also revealed that calling them 'the help' would be a sure way to annoy your cleaner.

"Like, it's not the 1920s, you know, the cleaners and the housekeepers, the staff being like the bottom of the lowest of the low," she added.

"The pond slime.

"It's not a thing anymore."

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We all get annoyed when someone walks over the floor after we've just mopped, and it's the same for cleaners, says Victoria.

It's also irritating, she said, to ask cleaners to do jobs way out of their realm.

She revealed that some clients have asked her to oil their floors or even clean the outside windows.

Finally, the cleaning pro said clients shouldn't ask them to start a new task when they only have a few minutes left of their shift.

The video has gone viral with over 18k views and other cleaners were quick to take to the comments to share their own grievances.

One person wrote: "One husband called me a maid and clicked his fingers at me! Didn't go back."

Another commented: "I have a rule once I've cleaned a room I don't redo it if they mess it up don't get paid to do the same job twice."

"I literally had a lady, I cleaned for her grandma, and she asked me to basically be her carer whilst I was there. She wanted me to take a stool sample," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "I hate the ‘house looked lovely when I got home, but you missed a cobweb’. It’s one cobweb, couldn’t you just let it go and enjoy your clean home?"

"Had a client click her fingers at me! I somehow kept my cool but informed her I wouldn't be returning,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "I have a very entitled friend who asked the lady who cleans for her to take down her Christmas decorations and couldn't understand why she refused."

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