I’m a cleaning pro – you can make your oven look like new with my game-changing hack | The Sun

DO you ever get frustrated when your oven looks filthy?

A mum-of-four has revealed her “game-changing” method that leaves it looking as good as new without any harsh chemicals.

Claire, 36, from Kingston, swears by Young Living's Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub that contains essential oils, minerals and other natural substances.

According to the Daily Express, she said: "I had never been able to get my oven glass clean. Basically, cleaning the oven was a job we dreaded in this house.

"I had always believed I needed harsh chemicals to clean my kitchen effectively, but over the past few years I’ve been learning that there are safe plant-based cleaners which are safe for me and my family to use, and just as effective.

"It is now really easy."

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She sprinkles the powder onto a wet surface or sponge and then rinses it off.

Claire, whose kids are aged between five and 10, said: "It is abrasive so it does the job. I was blown away. It looks like a new oven sometimes afterwards.”

School teacher Claire also uses it on bathroom sinks and on her bath.

The website says: “Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub gains its tough scrubbing power from nepheline syenite, a mineral we obtain from responsibly mined sources in Ontario, Canada; baking soda that gently absorbs odours; sodium carbonate peroxide that releases oxygen when combined with water, providing a powerful boost of cleaning power against tough stains; and Young Living’s signature Thieves blend.”

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