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A CLEANING whizz has revealed her genius 29p hack to get rid of fruit flies – and it’s so easy, you’ll wonder how you never thought of it before.

Linda Lundström, who describes herself as ‘Your TikTok Mom’ who gives household hacks, took to her social media page to share her tip. 

Dressed in a yellow shirt with a purple skirt over which she wore a bronze apron, she asked viewers: “Can we talk fruit flies? 

“This is completely different to any of the other methods and it worked – I don’t have any, touch wood, fruit flies in my kitchen this summer.” 

She then shared a step-by-step guide on exactly what she used and what she did to prevent fruit flies from infesting her kitchen. 

Starting with a measuring cup, she first poured vinegar down the sink drain. 

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“Take the three cups of vinegar and pour them down syour drain,” she said. “So I guess, maybe, that’s where the fruit flies are breeding.” 

She said you need to let that sit “for a minute” before following it up with a full kettle of boiling hot water. 

Linda said: “This is the method that’s worked the best.

“Like I don’t have any of those nasty bowls sitting around with apple cider vinegar and dead fruit flies in them anymore.

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“It’s a miracle. Thank you, whoever you are, that gave me this comment that I couldn’t find. Thank you.” 

In the caption, she added: “The best way to prevent fruit flies”. 

Luckily, the method is incredibly cheap, with people in the UK able to purchase vinegar for as little as 29p from their local Tesco. 

People flocked to the comments section of TikTok user @lifehackslinda to share their thoughts, too.

One person said: “I use that method plus I add a few heaping tsp of baking soda as well, once a month. I’ve practiced this for 50 years.” 

Linda replied: “Good to hear from you that it works! Thank you.” 

Another person said: “I stopped buying bananas and now I have no fruit flies! :)”. 

A third shared: “Fruit fly larvae is actually in the skin of fruit. Drain flies larvae is in the grease in the drains. That's why the boiling hot water kills the larvae”. 

While a fourth added: “I have poured some vinegar in my compost bin all summer and I have not seen one fruit fly (yet)”. 

Fruit flies stick to decaying or fermenting fruits and vegetables while drain flies stay around drains, leaky pipes or sewers. 

One woman has previously shared her 5p hack to get rid of fruit flies in her home, claiming it banishes them for good.

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While cleaning fanatics have shared a simple way to stop pesky drain flies taking over the sink. 

Do you have a hack for both?

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