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HOW we raise our kids can be a touchy subject for some judgemental mums, but one parent is breaking the mould by sharing her controversial ideas – and trolls aren’t impressed. 

Leah Vidaurre is a loving mother of one but some of her parenting choices have left fellow mums fuming. 

Leah decided to post her opinion online, and wrote a cheeky caption alongside her video.

She wrote: “Mamas ready to stir the pot. I’ve got a taste for controversy and a passion for shaking things up.” 

Leah’s clip begins in the bedroom with footage of her baby boy playing on a mattress on the floor. 

“My son sleeps on a mattress on the floor,” she explains. “Yes he’s always supervised. It’s the perfect size for me to plop down next to him if he needs a night feed.” 

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Leah’s next controversial choice is to skip the sleep routine.

She says: “I don’t follow a strict sleep schedule. If he’s tired, he sleeps.

“We don’t have a strict bedtime either,” she adds, as she shares numerous snaps of her son fast asleep in different places from shops to swimming pools and even beach resorts. 

“I follow his sleep cues and they’re very very obvious,” she says. “This kid will sleep anywhere.”

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Finally, she shares her last controversial choice. 

“I quit pumping [breast milk] at six months postpartum,” she says. “I absolutely hated pumping. 

“I have a freezer stash but it’s running low so we supplement with formula.”

While some mums call Leah ‘amazing’, others have concerns about her son’s sleeping arrangements. 

One user replied: “When they start nursery or school they will have a schedule, but they’ll struggle a lot if they don’t already have one [sleep schedule].”

A second suggested: “I would use a crib mattress [for the floor bed] as an adult one isn’t safe for under twos.” 

And a third commented: “Supervised dangerous sleep does not make it safe.” 

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