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THE COSMETIC industry is nearly £2 billion but there are far too many people trying to make a quick buck of our insecurities. 

Choosing the right treatments for you can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack and it's easy to get swept into come and go trends. 

We spoke to aesthetic doctor and cosmetic expert Dr Deepa Panch to find out what cosmetic treatments you absolutely must avoid and what you need to do to stay looking young and youthful for longer. 

Here are four treatments that Dr Deepa Panch tells her clients to avoid. 

Butterfly lips

Butterfly lips are a type of filler. This is usually done by taping the lips and injecting dermal fillers and neurotoxins (such as Botox) to give a more prominent Cupid's bow. 

The trend has become popular on social media with stars like Katie Price and Lauren Goodger sharing their results. 

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Dr Deepa Panch says: “I’m not a fan of this trend, just like I wasn’t with Russian lips. Trends come and go, so butterfly lips will likely be unfashionable in a few years." 

“This treatment often puts the lips into an unnatural state by overfilling and inevitably leads to filler migration. Filler migration means it is more likely a patient could get an infection."

"This treatment just isn’t safe or sustainable. Lips are a big part of your face, so they should be adapted to suit your individual features.”

BBL – The Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr Deepa Panch says “The main reason why I don't like this treatment is because a lot of people don’t realise that fat is sensitive and it doesn’t like being moved. There is huge risk with BBL as it is there’s no way to tell if the fat will settle where it is moved. You can’t predict the result.”

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“If the new location does reject the fat it won’t be able to establish blood supply, once this happens there is nothing you can do to help it along. This makes BBL a completely unpredictable treatment. It’s dangerous, especially in the wrong hands.”

Celebrity Skincare Lines

Dr Deepa Panch says: “There has been a huge influx of celebrity skincare and not a lot of them are very good. 

Most celebrities don’t have a background in skincare and so they slap a huge price tag on a product with very little skin boosting ingredients.”

“In the end you're paying for a big name like JLo Beauty which may look and feel nice but does nothing for you. Or you’re paying for a product that actually damages your skin like Kylie’s Walnut Face Scrub.”

Dermarolling at home

Dermarolling a home is 'completely pointless’

Dr Deepa Panch says: “The purpose of a dermaroller is to create traumas in your skin so your body goes into repair mode and rebuilds the damaged skin and boosts collagen.” 

“The needles need to be 3-5 millimetres to make the right incisions but the ones sold online are barely 0.5 millimetres in length. More often than not they end up causing more damage to your skin.”

“If you want something like this done go see a medical professional. They can advise on the right length needles and right target areas according to your skin concerns.”

Turkey Treatments 

Dr Deepa says Turkey treatments are not worth the risk 

“In my practice I have seen so many Turkey treatments go wrong. Yes they might be a little bit cheaper, but you put yourself at risk of not having a qualified doctor to help when something may go wrong.”

“Once you leave another country like Turkey and come back to the UK it can be very difficult for a cosmetic surgeon here to help if you are not happy with your result.

"Many times I have had to turn clients away because I have not information on the treatment they have has done even they themselves are not aware of the work they have had done.”

Whilst your avoiding the BBL's and celebrity skincare there a few things you can do to stay looking young.

Dr Panch shared her top tips for keeping yourself looking young and wrinkle free at home without forking out for expensive treatments. 

Be aware of the sun

Dr Panch says: “SPF daily is a must. The sun is the biggest cause of collagen breakdown more than ageing itself. You need an SPF 50 all year round and make sure to take it all down to your neck and rub the excess on the back of your hands.”

Vitamin C and Retinol

The cosmetic pro says: “It’s important to have a consistent skincare routine, this means cleansing your face everyday before you sleep to clean out all the dirt and pollutants in your pores. I always recommend Cerva and they have some great affordable cleansers.”

“Once you have a good routine, add a Vitamin C serum and Retinol. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant which works well with sunscreen to help protect your skin. It can improve overall tone and brighten your skin. Retinol a few times a week will help target weak lines and wrinkles.”

HydraFacials & Plasma Treatments

“There are loads of simple and affordable skin boosting treatments you can get to help keep you skin looking young. A HydraFacial is a great way to reset and detox your skin, give it a deep clean. There is no maintenance required after and they start from £80”. 

Plasma treatments aka Vampire facials are also very popular at the moment after celebrities like Kim Kardashian and have been sharing their results.

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“Plasma treatments take the platelets from your blood to stimulate and repair your skin and boost collagen production. ”

You can find out more about Dr Deepa’s skin boosting treatments online or visit her clinic in Sutton Hill Essex for some expert advice on keeping your skin looking youthful.

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