I'm a council estate queen and these are the most common mum names – including the 'gob almighty'

A SELF-DESCRIBED "council estate queen" has revealed the most popular "mam names" on the estates.

"Coming in at number five is Debbie – Debbie/Debra/Debs," she explained.

"Built like a brick s**thouse, done a few stints in jail but will give you a few cigs on the sly without telling your mam and going to the shop for you and getting a few beers."

At four is Tina, with the Council Estate Queen describing her as a "proper trendy mum, getting about with her two 18-year-old daughters and all looking the same, blend in.

"You end up in her house kitchen on a Friday night, few proseccos… swinging from chandeliers with your t*ts out," she laughed.

In third position is Lisa, the "gob almighty" mum who screams at her kids like they're a mile away when they're actually "sat on the other side of the living room".

Just pipped to the top post is Sharon or Karen.

"Lives on the roughest council estate going but thinks she’s from the poshest estate with the ‘Felicity, darlings’," she said.

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"She’s got a few fancy hanging baskets outside her front door, even though she brought them half price off the local crackhead cos he robbed them from B&Q."

And coming in at first position is Kelly, or Kelly-Marie, Kelly-Lee – "any double/triple-barrelled name is council estate", she said.

"She's always fighting in the street… ‘Hold my earrings will ya, she’s just said my kid’s got s**t trainers on!’ "

Her video got a mixed response on TikTok, with one person writing: "Omg I love you, you're hilarious."

While another woman added: "Lisa is spot on hahaah my mum."

However, someone else commented: "Oh no im kelly-marie i thought it was a beautiful name!"

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