I’m a dating expert – you should never watch your man’s Instagram stories before hooking up, it’ll ruin your romance

FOLLOWING you new fling on Instagram can be as exciting as it is nerve-racking.

But always viewing their Instagram stories is the best way the end the relationship before it's even begun, according to this dating expert.

Even though it can be tempting to stalk a potential partner's social media, trauma therapist and dating pro Lisa took to TikTok to share why it's never a good idea.

The chances are, in the beginning stages of a relationship you will see something that you don't want to that will trigger you, the pro says.

Especially on Instagram stories, where users can post pictures and videos that are only be seen for 24-hours.

Unlike actual Instagram posts, which you should probably avoid anyway, stories are more likely to have less context, making you wonder who your new man is with and what he's doing.

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Lisa shared: "We are way too invested in their life for not knowing them yet, we have a much better chance of not getting triggered if we stay in our own lane."

The girl on his Instagram story is probably his cousin or brother's girlfriend, but when you don't know enough about your new man, you automatically think the worst.

It can be tempting to peek at who they are hanging out with when you're not there, or see what the song they posted about actually means, and is it about you, Lisa says we read way too much into these things.

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All the weird thoughts you get in the beginning of a new relationship can be stopped by focusing on yourself and getting to know them in person, not through what they post, according to the expert.

It's a big no-no in the dating world, if you want to show you are interested in what your new beau is up, there are better ways to do it.

Viewers agreed with the dating pro's advice: "Not having them on social media has helped my anxiety so much!"

Another added: "100%! plus you allow real emotion connection to grow without the jealousy, irritation and craziness muddling the waters.2

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While a third said: "I feel like I could find a red flag or ick watching their stories, I can't resist watching them!"

"This was me yesterday thinking 'innocent viewing pleasure', yep got in my own head." One viewer shared.

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