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A DENTIST has revealed the five things that people do that they must stop immediately if they want to ensure their teeth are healthy.

So prepare to be attacked, as the award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr Rhona Eskander, explained that brushing your teeth after breakfast is a massive no no and fizzy drinks should be avoided at all costs. 

Dr Rhona took to social media to reveal the “five things you need to stop doing IMMEDIATELY that are ruining your teeth.” 

She explained: “I'm a dentist and here are five things you need to stop doing immediately, because they're causing damage to your teeth.”

Dr Rhona first shared her thoughts on lemon water, apple cider vinegar and fizzy drinks.

She said: “Number one – stop drinking lemon water.

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“Did you know that lemon has a very low pH and actually acid can dissolve your teeth, so constantly sipping on it can wreak havoc on your teeth.

“Number two – apple cider vinegar.

“People that swish around without stuff, just as the lemon, the pH is really low, and it can literally dissolve your enamel.

“Number three – fizzy drinks.

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“Obviously you guys knew that, but did you know that even fizzy drinks like fizzy water and kombucha can also have an effect on the teeth?”

Dr Rhona then explained why you should ditch sweets for chocolate, as she added: “Number four – stop sucking on sweets.

“Why? Because sweets have all that sugar and it can constantly dissolve your teeth. It's actually better to eat chocolate, because if you have it in one go, your teeth experience a low pH level, they dissolve a little bit, but with sweets, the teeth have no time to recover and actually, it's way worse for your teeth.”

Finally, the dentist explained the importance of brushing before breakfast, as she continued: “Number five – brushing after breakfast, not before breakfast.

“Brushing after breakfast and not before breakfast can have a massive impact on your teeth, so if you brush immediately after breakfast, you can actually be rubbing in the acid and damaging your teeth, whereas actually brushing before breakfast provides protection to the teeth.” 

Dr Rhona’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @drrhonaeskander, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly racked up 17,900 views in just two days.

It has 390 likes, 22 comments, 45 saves and 9 shares.

One person joked: “I knew chocolate was good for me” to which Dr Rhona responded with a winking emoji.

Another added: “She's right about fizzy drinks, wish I had listened ages ago.”

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However, someone else commented: “We’re all going to die one day so I'll keep drinking my fizzy drink and lemon water.”

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