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WHETHER you’ve got small teeth, discoloured teeth, crowded teeth, a gap or even veneers, a dentist has revealed that your teeth reveal a lot about your personality. 

Just like your body language expresses your emotions, your smile can reveal a lot about who you are too. 

According to Dr. Khaled Kasem, Chief of European leading orthodontics chain Impress, the colour, shape, and layout of your teeth can give away secrets about you and your personality that you might not realise.

Dr. Khaled Kasem claimed that “your teeth can reveal a lot more about you than you might think” and explained that small teeth could be a sign of stress, discoloured teeth screams 'party animal' and crowded teeth could be your mouth's way of telling you to 'slow down'.

He said: “Dentists can discover a lot about a person from the inside of their mouth; there are tell-tale signs in your teeth, tongue, and gums that indicate what kind of a lifestyle you are leading. 

“Teeth are an integral part of the body, and the size, shape and alignment of our teeth can also signify what kind of person owns them.”

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Small teeth 

According to Dr. Khaled Kasem, small teeth could be a sign of stress.

He explained: “Those commonly plagued with symptoms of stress and anxiety tend to have smaller teeth, and that’s because of the nasty habits we pick up along the way, the most common being nail biting and tooth grinding. 

“Both habits are destructive and can lead to serious dental problems as you’ll slowly be wearing away the surface of your teeth which could lead to cracks or even tooth loss. 

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Discoloured teeth

If you have discoloured teeth, according to this dental expert, it instantly screams ‘party animal’. 

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He added: “If you often find yourself to be the life and soul of the party, the likelihood is your smile will reflect that. 

“Being a ‘party animal’ often goes hand in hand with habits such as drinking lots of alcohol, smoking, and consuming lots of caffeine – all of which will be damaging the enamel and cause your teeth to discolour.”

Crowded teeth 

But if you have teeth that are overlapped, this could be your mouths way of telling you to ‘slow down’. 

The expert continued: “If your teeth are overlapping, angled, twisted, or rotated, it could be a sign of a chaotic lifestyle. 

“Our bodies react differently to stress, and while you might feel practical, overcrowding in teeth might be your body’s way of telling you to ‘slow down’. 

“If you’re worried about your teeth or your lifestyle, try taking things easy, practice relaxation techniques, and you might just notice an improvement in the appearance of your smile.”


For those with a gap between their teeth, Dr. Khaled Kasem claims that this is an indication of a passive personality.

He revealed: “Diastema is a gap between your teeth and can be caused by a number of different factors, such as natural growth, although it is sometimes an indication of a laid-back nature. 

“Gaps in your teeth will appear if you’re suffering from gum disease, which is often because of poor oral hygiene, so steer clear of the constant flow of fizzy drinks and sugar-filled food and enjoy a balanced diet, instead.”

Composite bonding or veneers 

Finally, if you have had work done to your teeth and you have veneers or composite bonding, Dr. Khaled Kasem believes this shows that you are insecure.

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He concluded: “Both veneers and composite bonding are treatments to conceal smiles we might be self-conscious about, such as staining, gaps, and tooth shape. 

“While the issues may be minor, both options can be expensive and those who seek this treatment tend to be more insecure and care a great deal about what other people think of them.”

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