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A DERMATOLOGIST has revealed there are THREE points in a woman’s life where she looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognise herself. 

Self-styled “skin nerd” Shereene Idris divulged that there are three significant points of ageing she notices women that she treats go through.

They span over the course of our late 20s to mid-40s but are not something to be down about, even though it can be challenging to accept at the time.

The dermatologist explained while doing her makeup on Tik Tok: “I’m a cosmetic dermatologist.

“Let me tell you something about ageing. 

“If there’s one thing dermatologists are really good at, it’s recognising patterns.

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“I have been in practice for nearly over ten years and one big pattern that I’ve seen when it comes to ageing is that there are three peaks in life when you notice changes to your face.”

Shereene went on to break down those three peaks to offer women some comfort that they’re not the only one noticing changes to their face.

She explained: “The first one occurs literally in your late 20s before you turn 30, up to 31 or 32. 

“You notice that over the course of six months, something has shifted in your face.

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“You can’t quite pinpoint it but you’re like, ‘I don’t look quite the same in my pictures’ and something is off.

“The second happens when you’re in your late 30s to early 40s, around 38.

“And the reality is that I have a lot of patients who come in to tell me, ‘over the course of a month, I do not recognise myself’.

“I’ve actually recently experienced this where all of a sudden I woke up and felt I was jowly. 

“But it’s absolutely normal.”

Shereene explained that the last peak happens in your mid-40s and said “overnight, something shifts”.

She continued: “You wake up and you do not recognise yourself.

“I know it sounds tragic but that is truly what I have noticed in my practice.”

Shereene dubbed the experiences “the three peaks of life” and people flocked to the comments to share positive sentiments on ageing.

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One woman said: “Getting old is a privilege not given to everyone. Appreciate it.”

A second echoed: “Ageing is a gift and a privilege. I love us ageing queens.”

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