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A DOG expert has taken to TikTok to reveal the breeds she would never own – and it’s bad news if you were after a Dachshund. 

Beth, known online as @chemicalcha0s, claims to be an animal behaviourist and professional dog walker, and regularly shares pet advice with her 28,000 followers. 

In a new video, she shares which dog breeds she would avoid if bringing a furry friend home.  

She said: “Dog breeds I will never own. Animal behaviourist edition. 

“Siberian Husky, too dramatic. 

“Golden Doodle, rather just have an actual poodle. 


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“Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, health issues. 

“Dachshund (or sausage dogs) some of them are just so slow at walking. 

“English Mastiff, health problems. 

“Komondor, am not dealing with that coat.”

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Below the video, she added: “As always it's cool if you have these dogs, everyone has their own perfect dog.”

Beth’s video attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 5,800 likes and 66,000 views. 

In the comments, her followers shared their opinions, with one writing: “King Charles owner here, she's right. my dog has more issues than I can count.”

Beth replied: “Yep, according to some studies theyre 20 times more likely to suffer from Mitral Valve Disease than any other dog breed!”

Another said: “Don’t understand the obsession with poodle crosses. Every one I’ve met has been absolutely crazy.”

A third wrote: “Our husky is so dramatic he faked a sore paw to get a lift home in the car.”

Someone else put: “As a dachshund owner, I agree with you 100%.”

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