I’m a Dollar Tree superfan – the product that’s the store's best kept secret, it goes so much further than you'd think | The Sun

DOLLAR Tree is home to many hidden treasures, from kitchenware to party decorations.

A Dollar Tree fan has revealed the store's best hidden secret when it comes to stretching your money as far as possible.

TikTok user Regina Sonino shared her favorite Dollar Tree product, that give you great value for your money.

"This is LA's Totally Awesome all purpose cleaner, and I'm going to show you why it is amazing," Regina told her followers.

The cleaning product is branded as "a cleaner, a degreaser, and spot remover."

In a second video showing how to use the cleaner, Regina explained: "I do dilute it to clean everyday things such as mirrors, tabletops, stains. You can see right on the bottle it says to dilute."

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"I’m going to do one cup of water and half of a cup of [Totally Awesome]. So this is gonna last forever. It works on literally any cleaning surface," the Dollar Tree fan told her viewers.

She also gave a demonstration on how to use the product without diluting it.

Showing her followers how to remove stains from their sinks with the product, Regina said: "I poured undiluted [Totally Awesome] directly on to the area, let it sit for five minutes."

She continued: "I scrubbed for about 60 seconds. After five minutes, just rinse with water and you can see how it removed everything.”

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Regina's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the budget cleaning tip.

"I used this once on the metal parts above the range that were covered in decades of grease, in my parents house. Swear to God, it literally dripped off," one user commented.

Another viewer wrote: "My mom has been using this since I can remember, over 10+ plus. I’ve never seen her dilute [it]. Definitely works though."

"Wait what! I have to dilute it!? I've used it for year straight out of bottle!" said a third person.

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