I'm a fashion expert and I've got five easy ways to look expensive on budget – there's no excuse for looking cheap

WE all want to look our best but this can be hard without forking out a huge amount of money – but no longer with these top tips.

TikTok is full of some amazing fashion tips and tricks, and now Karina Zalesskikh-Sanchez, or  @carry_less as she is known to her followers, has revealed how you can look a million pounds no matter how much you actually spend on your clothes.

Always iron your clothes

“What could look more expensive than a clean well-ironed white shirt?” Karina asks, and yes this is probably true.

So even if it is a rather annoying, and sometimes time-consuming task, it is one that is extremely important if you wish to look truly amazing.

Remove the straps from bras

Karina suggests that one way to achieve a chic style is to remove the straps from your bra, even if the colour matches your outfit.


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Rather than damaging bras you already own just pop out to Primark (or elsewhere) and buy some strapless ones.

Depending on the outfit and style of the top you could also use @stylexfox technique for hiding both the strap and bra itself.

Always clean your hair

Karina argues that you should ALWAYS clean your hair, adding that “dirty hair can ruin the most expensive image.”

So if you aim to look chic and expensive make sure to regularly shampoo and condition your locks.

Always have a fresh manicure

For a chic look, Karina argues that you should keep your nails well maintained – regularly scheduled manicures is one way to go about this, although this can get a little pricey.

“Don’t make excuses that you don’t have the money,” says Karina, “you can do it yourself.”

Luckily, @nailbetch has revealed the four steps you can take to get salon quality nails at home. So yes, you can look expensive without regular trips to the salon.

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Say no to pellets on clothes

Karina stresses that you should always be sure to remove the pellets from your clothes, adding that “there are many ways to do this.”

You can remove these using items you likely already have in your home such as sandpaper sponge, a shaving razor, or a strip of Velcro. 

If need be you can also purchase items specifically made for removing these pellets, such as fabric shaver or a lint roller.

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