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A FASHION expert has shared her £6 Primark bra hack which will perfect your look.

Lucy Legret is known for offering fashion tips and tricks, and took to Tiktok recently to share one that may come in handy.

The fashion influencer said it can be so "annoying" when you can see your bra straps while wearing racerback tank tops.

So she showed off something revolutionary she bought at Primark for just six quid.

The wee plastic clip easily clips onto both bra straps, and pulls them together at your shoulder blades.

Posting to her account Lulegret, Lucy said: "If your bra straps always show when you're wearing tank tops and you find it really annoying then I have a little solution which I've used and I think you might find this helpful.

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"First of all, I always get asked about the bras that I'm wearing. They're always [from] Primark.

"So, the key to hiding your straps is actually using this little plastic thing.

"I got mine from Primark. You get them in a clear, a black and a white in a pack. I think it was £6.

"And you attach it to the back strap of your bra and it basically synchs in the two straps to go more into your shoulders and that creates a shape which goes more inwards.

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"The tank tops that I usually wear means that it is covered and you don't see the straps."

The "plastic thing" is a soft, pliable, round clip that helps people convert any style of bra into a racerback.

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