I'm a fit gym girl – people are shocked by what I look like with no pump on, my fans love it | The Sun

A FIT gym girl has told how people are left stunned by the size of her arms with no pump on – and even blokes are envious.

Melia Ashlyn is laser-focused on achieving her fitness goals, seeing her build some serious strength up along the way.

The 22-year-old began her transformation into a gym goddess five years ago, a process she documented on her TikTok.

She now shares lifting tips for women keen to follow her lead, while boasting the toned physique to prove it.

The exercise fanatic typically dons sports bras and shorts while working out, to make sure her mighty muscles are always on display.

But she claims people are left baffled when she shows them what her arms look like with no pump on.

The term refers to the temporary increase in muscle size that occurs when you lift reps – especially with higher reps and short rest periods.

It's a technique that has been famed by bodybuilders who want to add a bit more wingspan before competing.

After completing a sweaty leg workout, Melia decided to share a clip revealing her bulging muscles without pumping beforehand.

She posed in a gray sports bra and black shorts while flexing her incredible arms – that leave blokes quaking in their boots.

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The TikToker's crossed her arms tightly to brandish her bulging biceps, before performing another flex.

Social media users were wowed by the size of her muscles and flooded the comment section with compliments.

One wrote: "Strong and beautiful queen!"

Another said: "Still massive without the pump, amazing."

A third wrote: "Magnificent. The pumpless pump."

The clip racked up over 50,500 views as well as 10,000 likes.

Melia later uploaded a follow-up video showing her assets off, but this time with pump.

Somehow her huge biceps managed to grow even more, with commenters saying her body looks "amazing."

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