I'm a gardening expert and there are four things you should do before the end of September | The Sun

IT'S EASY to just forget about your garden when the weather starts to get more chilly.

But according to one expert that's the worst thing you could do and it's going to make life so much harder come next spring.

The pros at Gardeners World shared four of the best thing any home gardener can do to prepare their outdoor space for the colder months and create a safe space for wildlife in the process.

According to the experts winter is especially hard for garden wildlife for loads of different reasons, but with a few simple changes you can help your garden and it's creatures thrive.

Plant wildlife-friendly trees and hedges

Plating trees like alder, buckthorn and pussy willow are the perfect thing to add to your garden right now.

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The pros explained that the trees can be grown as hedging or individually and are great to attract moths as well as other herbivores.

Although you might not want moths in your garden they will help bring more birds, bats and even hedgehogs into your outdoor space.

Don't disturb shelters

Preparing your garden for autumn and winter doesn't necessarilymean getting rid off leaves and other debris.

In fact, piles of leaves and compost heaps are often potential shelters for hedgehogs and toads.

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The pros added: "As for bonfires, dismantle them and rebuild right before lighting, as they make ideal winter habitats for hedgehogs."

Plant nectar-rich bulbs

Bulbs such as crocus, alliums and grape hyacinthians are great to plant now to attract bees next year.

Adding them to your garden now will ensure your garden blooms and attracts hungry bees at the right time.

Leave boarders

Although you might think it's best to cut back your boarders before the colder months, the gardening experts explained that some perennials contain attractive seedheads, which are great for wildlife.

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The said: "Don't cut these back in autumn.

"If you can, leave at least one border intact where seedheads can provide food for birds and fallen stems can create shelter for amphibians, insects and small mammals."

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