I’m a gardening expert – here’s a cheap hack to turn plastic buckets into beautifully decorated pots | The Sun

A GARDENER has revealed how she turned red plastic buckets into stunning planters.

The creative horticulturist covered up the Home Depot branding on the front of the container and wrapped pieces of rope around its ridges.

She created the decoration to avoid “p***ing off” her neighbors as she feared they would be annoyed with the state of her yard.

Explaining her method online, the gardener said: “I just drilled two small holes close together and ran a zip around two of the three strands of rope.”

She then cut holes in the bucket before tying each end of the rope.

She said: “It was a little tricky to make sure I kept enough tension on the wraps, but by the third bucket it was surprisingly simple.”

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The gardener originally intended to use the planters for tomatoes but decided she is going to grow winter squash instead.

Fans online praised the gardener for “thinking outside the bucket” as they said the planters are “awesome”

One said: “I especially like how you disguised the ridges with the thick rope.”

While another commented: “This is brilliant. I have half a roll of paper left from our kitchen shelves and three self-watering bucket containers that always bother me with their ugliness. Thanks for this idea.”

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And, a Redditor said the planters looked nice but warned that the buckets may become brittle in a few years.

The gardener replied that they plan to take the buckets indoors during the winter.

But, critics said the gardener should’ve used drain bags instead of decorating a bucket.

Meanwhile, a woman, who prunes herbs, said she offered some to her neighbor’s girlfriend out of politeness when she was gardening.

But weeks later, she noticed that the woman had cut sprigs off without asking permission.

Venting on Reddit, she said: “I was livid. My BF went over and explained that it was too soon, the plants were tiny, not ready etc. He’s much nicer than I am.


“The neighbor apologized profusely and said the GF wouldn’t be going anywhere near the herbs until I specifically allow it.”

Then, the gardener spotted the woman cutting at the herbs using a pair of scissors.

The Redditor claimed that one of her plants had just three leaves remaining on it.

She shouted at her neighbor’s partner: “Please get your herbs at the store from now on.”

She revealed that the woman was left red-faced as she went back into the house.

A dad has revealed how he took drastic action to get rid of his neighbor’s garden gnome that was terrifying his five-year-old son.

And, a mom took to the forum Mumsnet to vent about her neighbor's kids who have ruined her garden while playing football.

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