I'm a gardening expert – here's how to make sure your lawn isn't damaged when it rains loads in winter | The Sun

KEEPING on top of your lawn during the warmer summer months isn't too tricky.

But did you know it also needs some attention during winter when it rains loads?

Although some rain is good for your plants and and lawn, too much can cause havoc and result in lasting damage.

Since the weather forecast is on the rainy side for most of us for the coming weeks, here's everything you need to know to protect your lawn.

Lawn expert Chris McIlroy from The Grass People told Express.co.uk that weed growth and water logging are some of the main problems that can come from too much rain.

That said, heavy rainfall can also lead to weak grass and rotting roots – which isn't ideal.


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But according to the pros it's easy enough to make sure your lawn is prepared for heavy rainfall.

How to keep your lawn looking lush

Aerating your lawn might seem like a big job, but it can actually be done pretty quickly.

Simply use a pitchfork or a similar tool to spike small holes over the grass to allow it to 'breathe'.

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Keeping off your lawn after heavy rainfall can also make a big difference, since walking on it will compact the soil.

"Poor drainage, increased susceptibility to disease and dying/yellowing grass can occur when the soil is compacted,” the pro explained.

You can also fertilise your lawn to make sure it gets the vital nutrients in needs over the colder months.

Chris added: "As always, we recommend using a slow-release fertiliser as this provides a longer steadier feed for your lawn.

"This fertiliser works over four months to keep your lawn in good health and only requires one application."

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