I'm a gardening guru and people always make the same mistake when watering their plants, here's how to avoid it

THERE are usually two ways keeping houseplants can go, either you forget to water them and they wilt, or you over do it and drown them.

Even the most careful plant keepers will at some point make mistakes trying to take care of the leafy friends.

The key is researching how often each specific type of plant needs to be watered, rather than doing the rounds and watering them all at the same time.

While your larger leafy plants may need watering a couple of times a week, most succulents will only need a small amount.

But there are also different methods of watering, one of which is misting.

The pros at Gardener's World said: "Some houseplants are native to tropical regions and are used to a higher level of humidity than our houses usually can provide.

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“What’s more, plants that thrive in low light levels and high humidity are perfect for growing in a terrarium.

"Mist the compost and leaves regularly with a fine spray to raise humidity.

"Continue in winter, as central heating is very drying, keep out of direct sun."

You can also water some plants from the bottom, rather than poring water on top, this is because they need their roots to stay moist.

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The gardening gurus said: "For those that need moist roots, place the pot in a saucer of rainwater and keep it topped up.

"For plants that rot at the crown or stem, place the pot in a saucer of water until the compost is moist again, and then drain thoroughly."

Of course, make sure that you know which method works for each plant, even though it's more effort ensuring different plants get watered properly will keep them looking fresh for much longer.

If you're plant is native to dry regions for example, it's best to water sporadically, always waiting until the compost is completely dry before adding more.

According to the pros you can also "place your plant on a large saucer or in the sink so water can drain out.

Water until all the compost is moist, return to its cover pot when no more water comes from the base."

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One handy trick is to stick a pencil into the soil, if it comes out dry it's ok to give your plant a drink, otherwise leave it until it does.

If you're doing it wrong, your plant will soon let you know and show signs of wilting, scorching and dying.

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