I’m a gardening pro – 3 easy ways to stop your lawn going brown when it’s hot & why you need to cut BACK on fertilizers | The Sun

DURING the summer months, many states find themselves under heat advisories.

While you may be asked to refrain from using your garden hose, that doesn't mean your lawn needs to suffer.

A lawncare expert from TotalLawn spoke to Express about the top three ways to prevent your lawn from going brown during a heatwave.

For his first tip, gardening pro Carlos Real advised against fertilizing your lawn in warm weather.

The expert explained that fertilizer requires water and nutrients to function.

"“It’s best to save the feed and fertilizer until the drought has disappeared," Carlos told Express.

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Gardeners have also been advised not to mow their lawns to short during the hot summer weather.

"Mowing it too short encourages extra growth and it will require more water and nutrients that it simply won’t get in a drought," Carlos explained.

And finally, to keep the water and nutrients in your lawn you should tackle any visible weeds.

Carlos recommends pulling weeds from the root to prevent regrowth, and allow your grass to absorb any water or nutrients.

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Finally, while it may be tempting to enjoy the summer sun in your back garden, refrain from hosting too many barbeques as foot traffic can also contribute to a damaged lawn.

"“Although foot traffic won’t cause immediate damage to the lawn, it can cause issues further down the line by compacting your lawn's surface," explained the expert.

If your area is experiencing a prolonged period of dry weather, Carlos recommends reducing foot traffic on your lawn.

However, the expert clarified there is only so much you can do to help your lawn in a drought.

"Autumn is the time to repair your lawn from a long, hot summer anyway," he said.

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