I’m a gardening pro – my 3-ingredient mixture will kill paving stone weeds & make sure nothing ever grows there again | The Sun

WEEDS can pop up just about anywhere in your garden, including in between the paving stones of your path.

To get rid of these pesky plants all you need is three household essentials.

Fans of cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch have shared their DIY solution spray to rid your garden path of weeds, according to Express.

One of Sophie Hinchliffe's 4.5 million followers took to a forum to ask other fans: "Best path clearer for weeds in brick paving?”

His query received over 50 comments from cleaning and gardening fanatics alike.

Most of those who responded recommended using a mixture of white vinegar, salt and dish soap.

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One user wrote: "One liter of white vinegar, three tablespoons of salt and three of [dish soap]. Mix in water sprayer and spray weeds.”

Another Mrs Hinch fan pointed out the added advantage to using this DIY solution: "“White vinegar, salt and [dish-washing] liquid. Pet-friendly too.”

"If you mix salt, washing up liquid and white vinegar nothing will ever grow again where you put it, it kills the soil. Great weedkiller,” said another user.

“I get one gallon cartons of white vinegar mix one cup of salt until it dissolves and stir in half a cup of washing up liquid," she explained.

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She added: “Don’t put it anywhere you may want to put plants afterwards as it kills the soil.”

Other solutions included using just salt or boiling water to remove weeds from your brickwork.

"Table salt – sprinkle or brush over weeds and gaps then they die off," suggested one person.

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