I'm a gardening whizz – how to avoid buying the wrong product which could kill your lawn

AN EXPERT has claimed that using one wrong treatment could actually even kill your lawn.

A luscious green space is what all keen gardeners dream of – but sometimes even despite the best of intentions, we could, in fact, be doing more harm than good, a whizz has revealed.

Speaking to The Express, the owner of JayRock LawnCare & Gardening warned fellow enthusiasts to be careful when you sowing the garden seed and the treatments you use.

According to the Morayshire-based whizz, this should be done ''when the soil temperature is above 8 degrees on average''.

"You cannot do this by a day on the calendar, you must take the weather into consideration,'' he added.

A good time, it turns out, is straight after scarification and aeration.

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''Whether with a spring tine rake or scarification machine, lifting thatch and moss out of your lawn will allow your lawn to breath."

The expert added: "Remember grass seed must be in contact with the soil for the best chance to germinate."

The gardening guru also warned Britons to not use the wrong herbicide on their grass.

"A simple Weedol for lawns, which you can get off the shelf will help in this situation.

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"Make sure it is a selective herbicide you use, a non-selective herbicide will kill your lawn."

This, he explained, is because a non-selective herbicide will not be specific when it comes to killing plants.

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These products willkill any plant the chemicals come into contact with.

Often used on industrial sites or in an area when someone wants to, for instance, lay a driveway, such herbicides are used to clear sites of plants entirely, leaving absolutely nothing.

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However, there is also an array of selective herbicides in the market targeted for specific weeds – these won't affect or ruin the rest of your lawn.

"Remember your PPE and keep your animals off the area for 24 hours,'' he reminded.

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