I’m a hair stylist & hate when people don’t wash their hair for days – it’s gross, smells & DOESN’T make an up-do easier

If YOU thought that not washing your hair for a few days was the way to perfect an up-do, then you might want to think again.

While a little oil through your locks doesn't hurt, a wedding hair stylist has taken it upon themselves to break the myth that leaving your hair for a few days is the key to nailing your barnet on the big day.

Instagram user @thee_hair_gal has claimed there is nothing that annoys her more than bridesmaids who think it's a good idea to let their hair stew for a few days before their appointment.

If anything, it just looks dirty and can smell even worse.

Sharing a funny reel of her pet peeve, the stylist is seen asking a bridesmaid when the last time they washed their hair was.

Impersonating the bridesmaid, she says: "Bridesmaid: 'Oh, I haven't washed in five days because I heard dirty hair is better for up-dos…"

Playing the shocked stylist, she then fumes: "Excuse me, what?!?!"

The hair professional then shared some advice she urged others to take on board as she insisted dirty hair is not better for styling.

She wrote: "I don’t know who along the way told people dirty hair is better for up-dos, but it is simply NOT TRUE!

"Yes, a wash the night before you get your hair styled is usually the perfect canvas for upstyling, But this isn’t true for everyone, because like I’ve said before no one person's hair is the same!"

The stylist then shared tips on how best to prepare your hair ahead of a wedding day.

"You know your hair! If you are prone to getting super greasy hair after not washing for a day then by all means wash the day of. I can make your hair dirty, I can’t make it clean," she stressed.

She warned that dirty hair will only be amplified when styled, due to the heat appliances and products that are used.

Don’t show up with 5 day old greasy smelly hair, that s*** will be amplified when I start using heat

"Don’t show up with 5 day old greasy smelly hair, that s*** will be amplified when I start using heat and no one wants to smell some greasy ass 5 day old hair," she said.

"When we say 'dirty hair' we mean washed the day/night before. You don’t get extra credit for extra crusty hair."

The stylist continued: "Do come with dry hair! If you wash your hair the day of please make sure you come with dry hair, wedding days are go go go, so to help prep your hair make sure it is dry for your stylist, we more than likely don’t have time to do a full blow out and style."

Similarly, she added: "Don’t straighten your hair (unless instructed by stylist) Once your hair is flat iron it isn’t going to hold a curl unless wet down and dried again."

She urged bridesmaids and brides to ask the stylist on board what they think is best for their hair if they are unsure.


And signing off with one clear message for everyone, the stylist wrote: "Pretty much the moral of the story is WASH YO HAIR, ya nasty!"

Fellow stylists praised the woman for highlighting why dirty hair is not as ideal as people think, with one person commenting: "All of thisss… yesss."

Another joked: "I could do without the dirty hair clients."

A third wrote: "Worst misconception ever!"

"Gosh you're spot on," said one more, while another insisted: "We have to break this mindset!!!"

"I hate this myth," shared a fellow haircare pro, prompting the stylist to reply: "Girl me too! When I gotta wash my hands after doing your hair there's a problem."

Take note, people.

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