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IF YOU have straight, flat hair, you’ll know the struggle of trying to get more volume while struggling with uncooperative tresses. 

Even if you have curly hair, sometimes you need to inject a bit of life into it to make it the voluminous mane that you dream it to be. 

There have been many hacks to achieve this goal over the years, some using hairspray while others require a hairdryer to do all the work. 

But now, one hair whizz has shared the simplest method to get that volume back into the parting of your hair that we all so desperately want – and it takes just seconds to do. 

Sharing the original clip, which was posted by TikTok user @mariaaiellohair, Matt watched as she used a single bobby pin to create the curl at the top. 

And in a bid to recreate it, he took out his own bobby pin as he said: “This is freakin’ genius. It is the ultimate volume side-part hack.” 

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He went on: “Is this going to be a side-part renaissance, like are the side parts back? Because as a Kelly Kapowski hair lover – if you don’t know, find out – this… I’m here for this.” 

The hair whizz then flipped one side of his hair over and used a bobby pin on the very edge to keep it in place. 

“We are sliding it up and on, basically securing the over direction,” he explained. “So that when we go and flip it… Oh that’s tall.” 

When he flipped his hair over, he saw how much volume had already been established from the hack, but admitted it was “obviously too tall”. 

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Keeping the bobby pin in place, he then brushed out the hair to get it looking more natural.

“There we go,” he said, excited by the finished look. “That’s a good side-part volume hack”. 

In the caption, @mattloveshair added: “now THIS is a frigging epic #hairhack for a super volume #sidepart”. 

Viewers rushed to the comments to share their thoughts, with many sharing that side parts need to come back. 

“I think middle parts look so harsh. Side parts just look better,” one person wrote, as another shared: “It’s giving 90’s vibes but you’re killing it”. 

A third said: “I’m going to a Masquerade Ball tonight and doing a side pin. This is perfect”. 

“Of course I find out about this AFTER all of the events I have been too,” a fourth complained.

While a fifth added: “I'm all about volume! make me look like a Texas beauty queen!”

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