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COOKING a flavorful meal might mean dealing with the lingering odor in your kitchen long after you've tucked in.

According to experts, there's no need to leave your extractor fan on for hours, or open every window in your house.

Instagram user Brunch With Babs shared her trick to ridding her kitchen of any odor using a household item.

"Here’s the French grandma’s trick for getting rid of those nasty cooking odors in your kitchen, especially when making fish," Babs told her followers.

She continued: "We’re having a lovely fish dinner tonight. I’m just starting to set the table, and I can smell those lingering odors in there."

"I’m taking just white vinegar in a bowl, I’m going to let it sit out. It’s going to absorb those odors naturally," Babs explained.

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The home expert also said: "If there’s any lingering odors in the morning, just boil some lemon slices."

Babs' followers took to the Instagram comment section to share their thoughts on the tip.

"This Italian Nonna boils lemon and basil every Christmas Eve, after cooking the traditional seven fishes!! It’s a beautiful fix to cleanse your palate!" commented one user.

Another person joked: "How is white vinegar single? Is there anything she can’t do?"

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"My mama has done this vinegar trick for YEARS! I used to think she was crazy!" wrote one follower.

Another user said: "I boil cinnamon sticks. Will have to try vinegar though."

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