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WITH the weather getting colder and wetter, one of the biggest enemies for every household owner is mould.

Not only is it really difficult to get rid of, but mould can also be rather harmful for your physical health too.

People suffering from asthma, eczema, allergies or any respiratory problems can find it especially difficult to deal with mould.

So, not only is it essential that it's treated when occurring, but it’s important to remember prevention is always the best solution.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, property expert Simon Boden from the online estate agent House Sales Direct has suggested his top three buys to keep mould and damp away from your home, while also making it warmer too.


Simon explains that the first step to keeping damp at bay in your house is by reducing the excess moisture in the air, which can be achieved with the help of a dehumidifier.


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"Since we know that mould loves humid areas, their role in reducing the levels of humidity from the air in your home is extremely effective in preventing the creation of condensation and mould," he explains.

According to the property whizz, you haven't got to splash the cash either.

In fact, he recommends the 'UniBond Aero 360 moisture absorber,' which can be bought for as little as £16 from Asda.

"It's the ideal solution for both getting rid of excess moisture and eliminating bad odours whilst also contributing to establishing the perfect indoor climate that'll prevent the formation of condensation, mould and nasty
smells," he says.

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"The UniBond device is refillable with tabs which are made up of moisture absorbing crystals and specific anti-odour agents to help capture and neutralise them."

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But if you're looking for a budget-friendly alternative, then Simon has just the solution for you.

And the best part? It won't cost you a single penny.

"The silica gel packet that's included in many everyday products such as a new pair of shoes, electronics, medication or dry food like beef jerky can be put to good use in your home as well," he explains.

"They were originally designed to prevent moisture that could potentially damage a product.

"That's why these tiny silica packets are the cheapest way you can absorb moisture at home."

However, he warns: "Be cautious if you have children or pets though, as these are incredibly harmful if ingested."

Next, the property expert recommends the 'Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier.'

"Not only is this dehumidifier a fantastic way to reduce moisture and prevent mould at home, but it's also an excellent energy-saving option," he points out.

"Bearing in mind that the UK is currently seeing what can be described as the worst energy crisis, it has become a priority for most people to try and reduce their energy consumption too."

Finally, the property whizz suggests purchasing the £14 'Ansio Interior Dehumidifier.'

"It's the easiest way you can prevent damp in your home," he says. "You can simply place it in all humid areas of your home, close to windows, in the bathroom or around laundry.

The silica gel packet that's included in
many everyday products such as a new pair of shoes, electronics, medication or dry food like beef jerky can be put to good use in your home as well

"It'll use its specifically formulated hydrophilic crystals
to draw and retain moisture from the air."

Simon continues: "This also helps in fighting mould, mildew as well as neutralising unpleasant odours.

"Because of its natural process that doesn’t require an energy source, it makes for the easiest, quietest and cheapest option on the market.

Discussing the different types of dehumidifers on offer, Simon concludes: "The absorption dehumidifiers use a desiccant to remove water from the air, creating drier conditions in your home.

"Meanwhile, the electronic type is a lot more energy consuming, but it tends to be extremely effective in removing the moisture from the air."


Simon points out that the most practical and natural way to keep mould at bay is by using indoor plants as natural dehumidifiers.

"Certain ones are highly recommended for controlling the humidity in your house which is causing the mould," he explains.

"How useful a plant is in fighting damp and mould is to do with how much fog, dew, and moisture it tends to absorb."

English Ivy

The home expert notes that amongst the most common plant used for preventing damp and mould is the English Ivy.

"The climbing vine can significantly decrease the amount of mould already in the air," Simon explains.

"It’s known to filter around 78% of airborne mould in 12 hours, making it the best choice for anyone fighting with it."


The property whizz says that another great choice to control the moisture levels in your home and keep mould at bay are palms.

"More specifically, the bamboo, areca and lady palms are those types which have the ability to absorb the most moisture through their leaves, leaving your home free of pollutants" he explains.

Peace Lily

And let's not forget peace lilies, which Simon points out will thrive in dark and humid environments.

"This makes them the ideal plant for keeping mould and damp away from your home," Simon explains.

"Because it doesn’t require direct sunlight to absorb moisture through its leaves, it can be used in rooms such as the bathroom or any other humid place which doesn’t get much natural light in."


Simon also advises purchasing bags of activated charcoal to help you in preventing the occurrence of damp and mould in your house.

"It's nature’s best and most powerful odour absorber and is an ideal element in your fight against mould and dampness," he says.

"A single piece of charcoal can absorb moisture and odours for up to 2-3 months and many people use it as a ‘filter’ for the air in their house.

"Activated charcoal can help with controlling the humidity by removing the excess moisture in the air.

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"For the convenience of household use, charcoal bags have been created."

Simon goes on to highlight that the bamboo charcoal air purifying bag is considered the most effective as well as natural way to absorb odours and moisture from the air – adding that without moisture mould cannot grow.

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