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AS summer nears its end, people have been left wondering whether to swap their summer duvet over to their thicker, winter one.

But as temperatures look to be on the rise in early September, experts have revealed that there’s still a little while longer yet until you need to worry about that household task.

Despite the late rise in temperature, as the weeks go on it will gradually get cooler – but there's no rush to swap yet.

According to British lifestyle and homewares brand Piglet in Bed, people don’t have to dig out their thicker bedding until mid-November and have encouraged them to take note of the exact date. 

Jessica Hanley, founder of Piglet in Bed, said: “We averaged the last five years of data and saw that the best day to change your duvet tog was 16th November. 

“This was the date from which the average temperature dropped below 10C for at least 30 days.”

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Duvet thickness is measured in togs that range from 1 to 15 – 1 keeps you coolest, while 15 is the warmest. 

She continued: “Whilst data shows that this date is ideal for swapping to a higher tog, there are other things to take into consideration. 

“If you have a small bedroom with poor ventilation, you may find that your room holds a lot of heat.

“So you might want to hold onto that lower tog duvet for a little while longer, until temperatures drop lower, further into the winter months.”

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The bedding experts also shed further light on what duvets you should be looking to have as the seasons change. 

Currently in the heat of the summer nights, many are getting into their bed and tucking themselves in with duvet tog of around 4.5-7 togs.

But they said that on November 16th, we should be looking “to increase our duvet togs to anything from 10.5-15”.

Another of the brand’s top tips is to invest in a particular type of duvet – and avoid swapping them altogether. 

Jessica Hanley continued: “If you are someone that doesn’t want the faff of swapping out duvets, then I would recommend trying a Merino wool duvet. 

“This type of duvet is not officially weighted by tog.

“Instead the wool is naturally thermo-regulating and maintains your body temperature throughout the night, making it the perfect year-round duvet.”

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