I'm a manicurist & you've been cutting your nails wrong – you’re risking infections & it’s stopping them looking good

IT can be tempting to grab a pair of clippers and quickly trim your nails or cut your cuticles, then silently regretting it after making your fingers bleed.

But these so-called ‘quick fixes’ are actually doing more harm than good to your nails. 

We’ve spoken to Celebrity Manicurist Maddy Rooke who revealed the common mistakes people make when cutting and filing their nails. 

The nail expert, who shares her incredible work on her Instagram page nails_by_mads, shared her tips to keeping your nails healthy and cold-proof this winter. 

The manicurist, who has worked with stars such as Strictly’s Motsi Mabuse, Love Island’s Maura Higgins, and TOWIE’s Gemma Collins, said most people don’t realise the simple mistakes they’re making. 


But luckily, she shared her advice. 

Maddy said: “I love meeting so many amazing people, and ensuring my clients get creative designs, long lasting results whilst looking after and treating the natural nail. 

“I’m so lucky to have worked with some of the nicest famous faces, as well as my wonderfully loyal clients. All of which I am so lucky to have! 

“Not only do I get a really good chinwag everyday -so it doesn’t really feel like work – I also get to create beautiful designs on some of the UK’s top shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice.

“Here’s the common mistakes people make when cutting and filing their nails – and how to avoid them!”


Nail expert Maddy explained that people sometimes think they’re being helpful by cutting their nails at home before an appointment – but this is a big mistake. 

She said: “So many clients come to me and say, ‘I’ve cut my nails down to help and save you time.’ But this is a big no no for me. 

“As much as I appreciate the good intentions, it actually creates more work because a lot of the time they cut them too far down – sometimes right down to the nail bed! 

“This actually makes it harder to get their desired shape.” 


The expert manicurist also explained that people don’t realise they’re better off using a natural nail file instead of clippers.

Maddy always tries to use a natural nail file unless quite a bit of the nail needs to come down. If someone is adamant on using clippers, the expert suggested her top tip. 

She said: “If using clippers, always cut less than you need and then use your natural nail file to bring it down to the desired length and then shape.” 


Another big mistake people make when they file their natural nails is using a fast back-and-forth motion. 

This is a big no-no, insisted expert Maddy, as she revealed it can cause the nail to peel. 

She said: “Do not file your natural nails in a fast back and forth motion – even if you are in a hurry!

“Instead use your natural nail file in one swooping motion from one side to the other avoiding the nail to become damaged and weakened due to small cracks in the nail. 

“By vigorously filing back and forth, your nail will fray and create peeling at the tip.” 


Don’t cut your nails too short, advised Maddy. People do not realise that cutting their nails short isn’t helpful – or good for the nail bed. 

The celebrity manicurist said: “By cutting them too short, you can expose the nail bed causing them to become sore or even bleed. 

“Breaking the skin's barrier can cause infection and nobody wants that!” 


A lot of people try to cut their cuticles themselves – which is actually a mistake. 

She said lots of people are tempted to cut cuticles as it makes for a neater manicure, but they exist for a reason.

She said: “This thin bit of skin creates an important barrier for infection. Once cut, it can cause a blood bath if not done correctly and open the floodgates for bacteria to get in. 

“Not a pretty sight! If frequently cut, it can grow back faster too. Sometimes you just have to accept that we have these things for a reason!”

It’s more important than ever to take care of your nails during the winter months.

The harsh weather and freezing temperatures take their toll – but there’s methods you can take to ensure your nails are healthy and cold-proof. 

Maddy explained that nails can become brittle in winter and hands become dry which causes breaks, splitting and even hangnails. 

She said: “The constant change between hot and cold temperatures, that and the amount of hand sanitiser we’re using will really impact the moisture in your nails this winter.

“It will leave them extremely dehydrated. The cold can even prevent nail growth (which isn’t so bad if you're a gel mani fan, right!)”

She revealed her top tips for keeping nails healthy this winter. 


Maddy revealed her number one advice for strong, healthy nails this winter, is to not leave them naked. 

Make sure your nails have a coat of armour whether it be your gloves, base coats, even your favourite oils and lotions, she suggested.


The cold weather makes hands extremely dry and nails brittle so lock in moisture as much as you can.

Maddy said: “You wouldn’t go out without your coat on, so keep those nails protected too. 

“Keep those good quality oils and lotions by your bedside and give them a thirst quenching hit of moisture just before bed. 

“That way you’ll have at least 8 hours before washing it off. Anything with natural ingredients, like jojoba, are great for intense hydration.”


This tip may seem unachievable, but it’s more about thinking through your actions as nails absorb water which pushes the oils out.

Maddy said: “Rather than avoiding the bath or shower (nobody wants that!), I suggest wearing gloves when cleaning or doing the washing up!”


Not everyone wants short nails but in the winter months, whilst your nails are feeling incredibly dry go for a short mani to prevent breakages and flaky tips! 


Whilst our immune systems are super low this winter, the expert nail manicurist suggested some people might want to try out some multivitamins to aid healthier nails. 

You can find more of Maddy’s tips, tricks and designs on her Instagram page.

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