I’m a mom – I love my post-baby body now, but learning to embrace it was the hardest thing I've ever done | The Sun

PREGNANCY and childbirth both put your body through some major changes.

A mom named Jennifer Greer said while she had a hard time accepting those changes, she soon learned how to make peace with the new version of herself.

In a TikTok video (@jennifer.elizabeth), the brunette mom and fitness lover posed in a sports bra and low-rise workout leggings to reveal her full stomach.

She played around with the excess skin around her belly button to show off her extra weight.

“Loving my new body after having my babies was the hardest thing I’ve done…” she began.

Although she looked playful and happy, it was clear she wasn’t feeling like herself.

When the frame changed, she appeared in a new sports bra and leggings – but this time her body was different.

Her stomach was flat and toned, with the excess skin completely gone.

Her arms and legs, too, looked leaner.

“Just remember that it is all temporary and it is all SO worth it… and you will love your body again,” she added.

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With her face more chiseled, she smiled as she flexed her muscles.

Offering words of wisdom to her followers who might feel like she did, she captioned the clip: “Love your body for all it’s done for you mama…”

Viewers echoed her thoughts and thanked her for the support.

“It’s been hard for me… I had a c-section and have been trying everything to get rid of the ‘mom pouch,’” one person shared.

“I am so glad I came across your page. This is the inspiration I needed,” added another.

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