I'm a mom – there are 9 different types of newborn cries, here's what they mean & when they're in pain

IF you have a newborn at home or have ever been assigned the task of watching one, you’ve likely experienced their incessant cries.

Hearing a baby in distress will make any mother nervous and cause them to wonder whether they’re doing something wrong.

A mother named Anna Shields, who goes by @annashieldss on TikTok said there is actually a way to identify what your little one wants and needs based on their cries.

“If you have a newborn or are going to have one soon, definitely watch this video. This is for you,” she began.

“Newborns have nine different types of cries based on human reflexes.”

She said the cries are “so incredibly accurate” that it will serve you well to know all of them.

“This is so lifechanging. Please trust me.”

The woman then linked back to an article from FirstDiscoverers, which she said explains the cries best.

On the website, each description is attached to an audio snippet so that moms can hear exactly what the cry will sound like.

While one type of wailing will mean your baby is hungry, another will mean they need to burp.

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The 9 types of newborn cries

  1. Your baby is hungry
  2. Your baby needs to burp
  3. Your baby feels sleepy
  4. Your baby's stomach hurts
  5. Your baby feels uncomfortable
  6. Your baby is teething
  7. Your baby needs company
  8. Your baby is thirsty
  9. Your baby feels like nothing is going right

You can also predict when your baby is sleepy, when they need company, when they are teething, thirsty, or uncomfortable.

If you hear a “hoarse, contracted, prolonged” cry, the baby likely has a stomachache caused by gas. Get them to move around a little to relieve this pain.

Another kind of long cry can mean that “nothing is going right” for your baby—their body is tense, and they need a good cuddle to calm down.

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