I'm a money-saving mum – there's a trick to drying your bed sheets & it takes ONE hour without a dryer – it saves me £88 | The Sun

WASHING the bed sheets can be time consuming.

Then theirs the figuring out how to dry them without using too much energy which can make it feel like even more of a chore.

Especially if you don’t have the space to hang them dry.

However, a money-saving mum has revealed ust the trick. 

She claims it will have your bed sheets dry in one hour, without using a dryer – and it will save you £85 on your electricity bill. 

Heidi Ondrak, 51, from Plymouth, took to her TikTok account (@duchessofthrift) which has over 33k followers, to share cost cutting tips.


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Heidi says the key to drying your duvet covers is down to the material of your sheets.

In the video, the mum reveals that anything with a fleece material dries faster than your typical cotton bedsheets.

Heidi purchased her fleece bedding for just £22 from Dunelm, and said after washing them, she put them on one extra spin, and they came out practically dry.

According to her calculations, simply changing to fleece bedding would result in a saving of £88 a year on her electricity bill.

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Telling NeedToKnow.online, Heidi said: "I was washing and noticed that a fleece jumper came out of the washing machine almost dry.

"Drying cotton over airers in this cold can take up to 48 hrs and it makes the house damp.

"Drying them in the tumble takes about 40 mins, my dryer is 2500W, and I worked out through an energy calculator that for 40 minutes, it would cost me 57p.

"I have three double beds in the house so that is £1.71 if you wash bedding weekly or £88 a year."

Heidi claims that the hack helps to avoid having wet bedding hanging around the house and taking up all her drying space.

She added: "This fabric lasts so they will be good for years, so they are an investment for every winter for me.

"I will store them away in spring with some Lenor sheets in a vacuum bag."

Heidi then shows off her new bedding and describes it as "tasteful".

She adds: "I never really fancied it [fleece bedding] before and it's only when I washed the fleece and I thought, you know what, a fleecy bedding set would dry really quick.

This fabric lasts so they will be good for years, so they are an investment for every winter for me

"It's super soft, it's very warm as well, and the best thing is, if you put it on an extra spin after you've washed it, it comes out practically dry."

Viewers rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: "That's me off to Dunelm.”

Someone else said: "I bought a teddy bear duvet set and also the teddy sheet. Best thing I've bought in years. So cosy and super quick too dry."

While another added: "Yes the fleece stuff dries so quickly, I put a fleece blanket on top of my bed sheet to lie on, it was so warm."

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One user said: "I got one a couple of weeks ago and I love everything about it."

Another wrote: "I have the teddy bedding and it dried literally in no time. Perfect for winter!"

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