I’m a money-saving whizz and my game changing trick makes freezing anything so much easier | The Sun

LOADS of us are trying to scrimp and save at the moment.

With the rising cost of living, any trick that could save a bit of extra cash is welcomed.

Money saving whizz Gina Zakaria has made a name for herself online thanks to her useful advice.

And her freezing trick is a total game changer for anyone who finds themselves throwing away fresh food.

"One of my favourite things to do that saves me a ton of money is batch prepping all of my ingredients," Gina explained on Instagram.

But the savvy saver takes it one step further, and prepares her food for the entire month ahead.


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You can do this with loads of different ingredients like chopped onions, garlic and even grated cheese so they're ready to go when you need them.

Gina showed how she stores her frozen garlic to make life even easier for herself, and it's a bit of a game changer.

Rather than put all the minced garlic into a bag or tub and leave it at that, the saving whizz fills a resealable plastic bag and flattens it on her worktop.

With the blunt end of a knife she then gently scores the bag into small sections.

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"Score with the back of a butter knife and you've got one tablespoon per square," she showed.

You can then easily snap off the exact amount you need when cooking, even though it's frozen solid.

Not only that, but pressing it flat beforehand means there'll be loads more room in your freezer too.

Gina added: "This one small habit saves time and money on groceries."

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People loved the simple trick, one person raved: "Just started doing this thanks to you and my god it's so much easier!!"

And a second wrote: "I do this but I put my mix in ice cube tray constrainers, it's reusable and the perfect serving size."

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