I’m a mum – I let my child eat McDonald’s every week and make her save her money, you may not agree but I don’t care | The Sun

BEING a parent is hard and deciding how you want to raise your little one is a tough decision to make.

Are you going to be strict, relaxed or a bit of both?

One mum has taken to TikTok to share her style of parenting that she claims people ‘may not agree with’.

Kathryn Hibberd, a mum-of-one, has 21k followers and 331.3k likes on the video sharing platform. 

In a recent video, Kathryn revealed the things that she does as a parent that people may not agree with.

She explained that she never forces her child to hug anyone, she lets her have McDonald’s every week and she makes her daughter save some of her birthday money.

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Kathryn said: “I do not force my child or discipline her if she doesn’t want to give a relative or a friend a hug or a kiss goodbye.

“If she doesn't want to, that’s that, it doesn’t make her a good or bad girl if she does or doesn’t – her no means no, so I respect her no, bottom line, period, there’s no argument on that.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a McDonalds’ once a week, if anything I think it teaches them that everything is ok in moderation.

“I will never raise a hand to my child, it does so much more harm than good, I don’t understand how you smacking your child teaches them a lesson, what are you teaching them in that circumstance? 

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“If I make Poppy a meal based on how much I think she’s going to eat, if she tells me that she’s full, she knows after that that she’s not having snacks or anything like that.

“I’m not going to sit there and scream at her and force her to eat it – what am I doing, teaching her that if she feels full she should keep eating? No, if she’s full she’s full and that’s it.

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“She knows that if she gets birthday money, we spend some, we save some, that’s how it goes.

“She can do with that money as she pleases but she knows if she wants something, she’s going to have to save for it.

“She’s better with money than me and that’s because she’s known from a young age that money doesn’t come out of my a****le.

“If one day she turns round and comes to me and says she’s a lesbian or bisexual, I am not going to turn around and be like ‘get out’, I do not for the life of me, understand parents that find out that their child has a different sexuality than they do and then kick them out – I’ll never understand it”. 

Kathryn’s video has quickly racked up 176k views, 35.2k likes, 196 comments and 58 shares. 

Much to Kathryn’s surprise, TikTok users were very supportive of her parenting style and agreed with everything that she does with her daughter. 


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One person said: “Preach this woman!! I haven't stopped saying yes and agreeing with all you've said!!” 

Another added: “You’re the best mum ever. She’s so lucky to have you. this healed my inner child knowing there’s parents like you out there”.

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A third commented: “You’re an amazing mother!!! I don't understand how anybody can force their children to do something/be someone they don't want to do/someone they're not”. 

Someone else noted: “What a lovely mum!! I love women like you. Fantastic job”.

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