I’m a mum-to-be and it’s not your stomach you need to worry about changing, my nose completely changed shape | The Sun

WOMEN go through a lot of changes during pregnancy.

Some of those changes are not even clearly visible. 

Others might be very obvious.

One woman is going viral after sharing her pregnancy nose.

First Kaylyn shares a clip of her nose before her pregnancy.

Kaylyn said: “Y’all wanna talk about pregnancy nose.”

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Then Kaylyn showed her ‘pregnancy nose’.

She said: “It gets progressively worse.”

Kaylyn’s video went viral with over 2.6 million views.

One commenter asked: “Does it go away!??!!”

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Another commenter said: “New fear unlocked.”

A third commenter said: “My nose already big. Now I’m scared to get pregnant.”

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She followed up with another video explaining some of the other body changes she saw.

Kaylyn said: “So I wanted to reassure everybody that pregancy nose is very much temporary.”

She said: “It only took my nose a couple weeks after I gave birth to go back down.”

She continued: “My entire body swelled up after I got pregnant. I couldn’t wear rings on my fingers.”

She said: “My feet. I already have big feet. I wear size 10, 10 and a half. So I exclusively wore sandals.” 

Kaylyn said: “I didn’t even realise how big my noise had gotten until I looked at old pictures of me, pre-pregancy.”

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Kaylyn confessed she struggled with the changes her body was going through during pregnancy.

She said: “I got really insecure about it because it's hard to see your entire body change like you don’t look like yourself. I was really glad when everything went back to normal.”

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