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A NAIL technician has revealed the eight things that people do that she finds highly annoying.

So if you regularly get your nails done and want to stay in your beautician’s good books, you’ll need to start making notes.

Alexus, a licensed nail technician, took to TikTok to reveal the things that annoying customers do that drive her mad.

She shared her clip with the caption ‘Always be kind to your nail tech’ and said: “Things that annoy me as a nail tech.”

Firstly, Alexus explained that it annoys her when people message her and say “How much is this?” but without a greeting.

Secondly, the nail technician explained that she finds it highly annoying when clients eat during their appointment.

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Not only this, but according to this nail whizz, she finds it really frustrating when people rush her. 

She claimed that people will say “hey, what time do you think we’ll be done, I have somewhere to be”, to which Alexus says “Don’t rush me!”

As well as this, Alexus explained that it is extremely frustrating when people don’t put their hands in the correct position when she is trying to do their nails. 

She revealed that it is highly annoying for her to have to “wrestle” to keep client’s hands still.

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Believe it or not, Alexus claimed that clients have even compared how quickly she does nails to other salons, which the nail whizz revealed is very rude and frustrating.

She claimed that clients have said “the nail salon is quicker” to which Alexus responded “bye b***h.”

She also revealed that she finds it irritating when customers try to tell her how to do her job.

Not only this, but Alexus also explained that she finds it really annoying when customers try “to book an appointment through DM when I have a booking site.”

Finally, the nail technician revealed that it frustrates her when “clients get too comfortable and break my policies.”

The video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 48.3k views.

It has 6,079 likes, 92 comments and 53 shares.

Many nail technicians could relate to Alexus and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Felt all of this!!”

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Another added: “The too comfortable one and breaking policies!!!! Literally.”

A third commented: “Big facts.”

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