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WHICH room in your house is the messiest? Odds are, your kitchen is the epicenter of your family's activity, and it shows in cluttered counters and overstuffed drawers.

One home decor pro shared his brilliant strategies for keeping three separate areas of the kitchen super tidy, and if you want to use all three of his strategies at home, you could spend as little as $45.

YouTube personality Drew Scott is a passionate fan of DIY and has his own home goods store, Lone Fox, along with one million followers on TikTok.

In a recent video, Scott revealed the super-easy methods he uses to keep his kitchen neat and organized.

"These life-saving kitchen hacks are a must-try," Scott advised.

First, he showed off a way to store your measuring spoons and cups. As any home chef knows, the "nesting" tools are great in theory, but inevitably jam drawers once they jar loose inside.


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"Just pop a couple of Command hooks on the backside of one of your cabinet doors," Scott demonstrated.

"Slip all your measuring spoons on the bottom of those Command hooks, and do another row on top for your measuring cups."

You'll never find yourself using a spatula to dislodge a half-cup or teaspoon from the drawer tracks again.

"All you have to do is open and close this when you want to grab one, Scott explained.

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You can buy sets of Command hooks online and in-store in varying combinations, but a $4 investment should get you enough for the average kitchen.

Scott also showed off another savvy buy, which you can secure at Walmart or Target for around $30.

"If you're in need of additional storage, I got this over-the-toilet storage organizer for a bathroom, but I actually placed it over the top of my trash can," he explained.

The sturdy wire shelves were the perfect height to allow access to Scott's trash can, while still creating more storage around and above the area.

"It provided so much more storage for items that didn't fit in my small apartment drawers," Scott explained, "like this air fryer or any of these baskets with cleaning supplies."

But one thing was notably absent on the shelves around the bin: trash bags. That's because Scott keeps them in a completely genius hiding spot.

"Let's make a dispenser for our trash bags," Scott instructed.

He pulled a roll of trash bags out of their original box and slipped the entire roll through a paper towel roll holder.

You can try the trick at home, too, and keep an unsightly tangle of trash bags out of the way.

"Just mount on the inside of your cabinet door, and you're good to go," Scott said.

If you have any trouble getting your roll of bags onto the arm of the "dispenser," never fear. Scott explained what to do in a comment.

"Pull one bag out from the middle," he advised. "Just wiggle your fingers in there and pull one out and it will let you slide it on!"

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Similar, wall-mounted holders can be found for around $8 at hardware and home stores, or you could try a standing dispenser for even less.

Employing all three tips is a small investment that will save you time, energy, and frustration in the long run.

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