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EVEN those who spend hours and hours cleaning their homes may still be leaving their homes a hotbed of germs.

There are many household items that we can all be guilty of neglecting when it comes to the weekly clean, causing many of these to become a breeding ground for microscopic bacteria.

Property expert Terry Fisher, from WeBuyAnyHome, spoke to the Mirror, sharing his tips for how you can avoid a buildup of unhealthy bacteria.

He says: “It’s impossible to keep our homes totally free from bacteria and even the most unlikely of everyday items are breeding grounds.

"Household staples such as remote controls, salt and pepper shakers and door handles are used many times per day and we don’t usually think to disinfect them regularly.

"While it can be a difficult task to keep our homes spick and span and keep germs at bay, knowing some of the worst offenders can be half the battle.”


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One culprit for bacteria build-up can be washing up sponges, with Terry stating that bacteria such as Stenotrophomonas, Brevundimonas, Rhizobium and Klebsiella can be found in these.

Terry has also shared his tips for getting your washing up sponge nice and clean between washings.

He suggests heating them in the microwave for one minute and then soaking them in a little water with half a teaspoon of concentrated bleach.

Another area that may be causing bacteria build up in you home are door handles, which are touched by everyone who comes into the house.

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He says: “They can be a pleasant home for bacteria such as E.Coli, MRSA and, of course, Covid-19. It’s advised to clean them at least once a week with antibacterial wipes.”

Plug sockets are another area that should be disinfected once a week.

Terry identifies toothbrush holders as another area that can be forgotten when it comes to cleaning the bathroom.

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He says: "We use the toothbrush holder every day without even thinking it needs to be cleaned too. We also don’t realise that they can pick up germs that are released into the air from the toilet when we flush. 

“Again, it’s recommended to disinfect them at least once a week."

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