I'm a savvy mum – how you can save up to £7300 in time for next Christmas – it's so easy & you can start today | The Sun

WITH the festive season done and dusted, most of us are feeling a little uneasy when we check our bank accounts. 

Luckily one savvy mum has shared an easy way to save – and you could end up with £7,300 before next Christmas. 

Katie, known online as @katiesaves, regularly shares money-saving tips with her 33,000 Instagram followers. 

In a new post, she shares how saving a little every day could be an easy way to boost your savings. 

She shows that saving just £2.50 a day could save you £912.50 a year. 

Or, if you’re wanting to bank a little more, try saving £20 a day – this will give you £7,300 in savings by next Christmas. 


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Below the post, Katie wrote: “Okay. I appreciate not everyone has this kind of money to just fritter away (or to save!) every day. 

“But I just wanted to illustrate how small amounts add up and how easy it actually is to spend a lot of money.

“£2.50 every day could be a coffee on the way to work.

“£5 every day could be buying lunch.

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“£10 could be buying lunch and grabbing some extra bits while you're in the supermarket.

“£15 could be a couple of impulse purchases while browsing a shop on your lunch break.

“£20 or more could be any combination of the above.

“I see a lot of comments about how cutting out your takeaway coffee won't get you a house deposit – and I absolutely agree with that. 

“BUT cutting out these small recurring expenses can make a substantial difference to the amount you can save.

“As a society, we are wired to spend money so easily and yet saving doesn't come naturally at all for many of us. 

“Sometimes though, we just need a little perspective – isn't it crazy how much it adds up over the year?”

Fans loved the savvy saving idea, with the post gaining more than 105 likes. 

In the comments, Katie’s followers thanked her for pointing out small changes they can make, with one writing: “I've stopped my daily coffee buying and made one instead this week I'll of saved £14.”

Another said: “I always love these little breakdowns because it just shows you how easily things add up!”

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A third added: “Love this! No, it won't save a house deposit but it's not just about saving for a house deposit. 

“You can save for an emergency fund. A 'what if I suddenly lose my job' fund or just to buy something without going into debt to buy it.”

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