I’m a shopping expert, these are the seven things I NEVER buy new because it’s not worth the money

THERE are many goals to make for 2022 – but the one thing we can all definitely pick is being better with our finances.

Almost on every corner, not only do charity shops offer you hidden gems but also significantly lower prices, helping you both save some money and the planet.

If you're still unsure, a shopping expert has shared the items we should always buy second hand, from clothes to household items.

The first thing is athletic wear: ''That stuff lasts forever!''

Another fashion piece is denim, as well as layering pieces to keep you warm throughout the colder autumn and winter months.


When trying to add some character to your home, second hand stores are the ultimate answer as they store unique items, some of which are vintage and won't be found in the mainstream shops.

According to this Instagram account, planters, or anything than can be used as one, are also best bought at charity shops.

''Tapered candles, I always see these,'' she added.

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Other household items to not buy new are organisational or wicker baskets and picture frames, the video showed.

The viewers also shared what they usually look out for whilst charity shopping, like this one who commented: ''Omg yes to the frames!

''I always find SO MANY. It must be my area but I always find matching frames at different times and in different sizes and at different stores.''

''Winter jackets from brands with good quality,'' one wrote.

''Rich people buy several 100$ coats, wear them for one winter and then resell them for 50 bucks.''

There were also a few who didn't agree on picking workout gear: ''If you actually use athletic to do athletic things I don’t recommend thrifting it.

''Very rarely do you find it still in good condition.''

Another one thought the same: ''Idk I wouldn't wear second hand athletic clothes.

''Honestly athletic clothes aren't needed for the average person.

''Just wear loose pants/shorts and a tee/tank top.''

Some also said it's not as easy for plus-size people: ''I mean, good for you, but finding good plus size clothes is so hard to find.''

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