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WE all want youthful looking skin, but without having to pay hefty price tags for high-end creams.

And for many of us, the thought of having needles jabbed into our faces isn’t appealing in the slightest either.

But fear not, you won’t have to splash the cash to have youthful looking skin, thanks to these top tips from a skin expert. 

It seems that many of us focus our skincare routines on our faces, but it’s very important that we don’t neglect our neck and décolletage either.

Skin expert and founder of Flawless Advanced Skincare, Tara Farmer, has over 17 years of experience in the skin industry and is passionate about helping others achieve their skin goals.

So if you want a smooth, tight neck and décolletage, you've come to the place.

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And what’s more, Tara’s simple techniques can help make you look 10 years younger in just a week.

Yep, you heard that correctly, Tara’s techniques promise instant results.

The skincare guru highlights the importance of double cleansing, face massaging SPF, retinol and even yoga for a smooth neck and décolletage.

What are you waiting for? 

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If you don’t double cleanse, it’s time to make some changes to your skincare routine as soon as possible.

Tara explained: It's important to always double cleanse the neck along with the face.

“The skin on the neck often gets neglected and this can quickly age the neck area.” 

With origins in Korean skincare, the double cleanse quite simply means using two different cleansers — one with oil, followed by another with water — to try to get your face as clean as possible, without irritating your skin. 

The method hinges on the science-backed principle that the oil-based cleanser will remove excess oil and oil-based product residue, and the water-based cleanser will get rid of any pore-clogging dirt that remains, revealing clean and clear skin and pores.


If you want to look younger but don’t have all the time in the world to waste, Tara’s simple massaging technique is worth trying.

Tara said: “Moisturise the neck and décolleté area with a richer cream offering firming and lifting benefits and do this using firm pressure and upward strokes towards the jaw line all the way across the neck and décolleté areas, especially before and after sleeping – as side sleeping will increase lines over the décolleté area.

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“Incorporating the lifting and firming massage technique every time you apply products will hugely improve the lymphatic drainage in these areas which ensures proper blood flow to the skin, increasing nutrients and giving the skin that oh so youthful glow. 

“Increasing the moisture levels utilising a richer neck cream will immediately improve the skin's texture and elasticity, while the massage gives the added bonus of lifting and smoothing this area. 

“Apply it to the base of the neck up to the jawline, to help stimulate upward direction and prevent more pulling down.” 


Another simple way you can instantly look younger is Tara’s top moisture tip.

She revealed: “My secret technique for looking younger instantly, would be to harness the power of moisture. 

“Use a product including hyaluronic acid for INSTANT hydration. For example the Potent HA (£56) uses ‘shape-shifting’ technology to work at a cellular level. 

“This quadruple humectant formulation can increase hydration by 130% instantly, which lasts for 72-hours. 

“This will add an instant glow to the face and a boost of hydration.”


Another clever tip from Tara is to never neglect your fridge – as well as your groceries, your skincare should live in there too.

Tara advised: “A top tip would be to pop your moisturising product in the fridge and wait until it's nice and cold – then apply with a lifting motion and massaging any leftover residue into the neck area for an instant lift. 

“You will see a lifting effect from your products if they're cold – there's actually studies that room-temperature creams can take up to two hours to work versus only 10 minutes when they've been in the fridge.” 


If you haven’t got your bedtime skincare routine nailed, now is a good time to do so. 

Tara claimed: “It's also good to know that after fighting grime, pollution, sweat and the likes of UV rays all day, our skin is in recovery mode overnight, the optimum time for repair. 

“Using a cold, moisturising product before you sleep can really mean you wake up with a tighter and younger looking neck area and skin. 

“Drink a huge glass of water before bed for internal hydration, and apply your hydrating products to the face and neck all the way down to the décolletage – a neck cream or a rich night moisturiser. 

“When you wake up you'll see a radiant complexion.

“But always complete your nighttime skin regime a bit before you go to sleep – wait for it to all sink in to make sure the product really absorbs into the skin, or it might end up all over your pillow!” 


If you want your neck and décolletage to stay useful, SPF is the way forward. 

Tara added: “You must remember to use Spf 50, with UVA and UVB protection to help prevent lines and wrinkles, on the neck and décolleté areas – these areas are often missed as the face is commonly cared for in terms of UV protection, but it is vital to use spf 50 on the neck and décolleté too, to avoid uneven skin tone, sun spots and premature ageing. 

“Wearing a wide brimmed sun hat on holiday is also a must to protect these areas – if it's a smaller hat it might only cover the forehead and you'll be exposing the rest of your face and the delicate neck area.”


And if you’re not using retinol, it’s time to start now, as skincare expert Tara hails its clear benefits.

Tara continued: “Using a 1% retinol 2-3 times per week on these areas as well as the face – it's clinically proven to induce collagen production in the skin which in turn improves skin's elasticity and structure, reducing any tell-tale signs of ageing.” 


And finally, it’s one that you might not have considered before, but according to Tara, yoga is great for making your appearance seem more youthful.

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