I’m a super fit gran at 53 – I charm men half my age, they like my ‘experience’ and muscles turn them on | The Sun

OLDER women looking for a mate, stop searching for the fountain of youth and start working on your core.

According to one super-fit grandma, young men want muscles and confidence – both of which she's got in spades.

At 53, Andrea Sunshine (@andrea__sunshinee) spends hours at the gym each week – she'll even spend full workdays there.

The muscular granny also does "naked yoga" to destress, decompress, and give her well-built body a break.

Though she loves fitness because it boosts her confidence and mood, there are fringe benefits, too.

She told the Daily Star that her muscles "turn men on," and so does her age.

"There's a type of fetish about mature and muscular women for young men," Andrea explained.

She told the outlet she usually attracts men half her age, though that's not her preference.

"I am more attracted to mature men," Andrea admitted.

But the attention she receives as a "cougar" isn't unwelcome.

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"Honestly, it gives me a kick," she explained. "I like it as it turns me on and the idea of it brings me to some kind of fantasies."

In fact, she even understands why younger men find her so fascinating.

Older women, Andrea said, "have more experience and self-trust which sometimes is missing with inexperienced young ladies."

But in general, she said, she doesn't overthink the attraction she feels or stirs up in others. Instead, Andrea follows her gut.

"We are, at the end of the day, instinctive beings," Andrea mused. "Some emotions and reactions we can't control."

Thanks to her earned wisdom, or maybe due to her yoga practice, Andrea is happy to go with the flow.

"I think it's okay to feel the free spirit with some kind of responsible limitations," she said.

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