I’m a teacher and there’s a really annoying thing parents always ask us – no we won’t help, it’s your fault | The Sun

A TEACHER has revealed one of the most annoying things she's asked by parents – and why she can't help.

Zoe took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself in the classroom, writing over the top: "My daughter lost her cardigan, can you find it?"

"Me: Does it have her name in it?" she continued.

And despite the parents almost always saying no, they still ask her to find their child's lost item.

"120 jumpers and cardigans all in the size 4-5 years," Zoe captioned the video.

The comments section was quickly filled with remarks from other teachers, all of whom could relate to Zoe's video.

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"I was told 'but it’s an £80 Zara coat you need to find it!'," one wrote.

"Why is your child wearing an £80 coat to school?"

"'It’s the blue one'," another added. "They are all blue!"

"This. Absolutely this!" a third agreed.

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"And then the opposite end of the scale where you end up with 20 unnamed ones that nobody will claim!"

"'No we thought you'd do that' was a fun response one time," someone else wrote.

"This !! I work in a nursery school and we get this all the time," another comment read.

While someone else added: "We’ve been back less than a week and there are already 12 in the corridor between three classes.

"No names on any!"

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