I’m a triplet mum & get trolled for BREASTFEEDING my babies – saying I’m harming their development & to stick to bottles

A "DETERMINED" mum has revealed how she was trolled for breastfeeding her three triplets.

The woman, called Elle, has celebrated her six-month "nurserversary" by sharing some of the negative comments she has received since giving birth.

In a post on TikTok, the mum-of-three reminded people that they should stop passing judgement on how kids should be raised.

Captioning the video, Elle wrote: "Feeding isn't a one-lane road. This message is to never doubt a determined mother. Just let her feed her babies."

The mum then shared clips and pictures showing her journey feeding her triplets – who also spent some time in a neonatal intensive care unit – over the last six months.

At the same time, she revealed some of the judgemental things people had said to her when they found out she wanted to breastfeed them.

Happy six months nurserversary, my little ones

One read: "We don't really see triplet moms successfully breastfeed, but you can try."

Another person wrote: "Your hands are going to be way too full to pump."

A third shared: "Is it really possible to make enough for all three?"

And a fourth told her: "You're never going to sleep again."


Instead, Elle proved how she was able to defy all expectations, and wrote: "Happy six months nurserversary, my little ones."

Her post, which has been viewed more than a million times, has received over 186,000 'likes', with many leaving comments praising her.

One person wrote: "Holy heck, that's legendary! Good work, Mumma!"

And shared: "That freezer stash is the stuff of legends. You are seriously a champion!"

Elle added: "My babies take bottles as needed, formula as needed, tubes as needed, etc.

"This has nothing to do with how I feed them and everything to do with determination and support. We're all just out here trying to kill it as mamas."

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