I’m a TV intimacy coach – the tiny items we use to prevent actors actually having sex but make scenes steamer than ever | The Sun

FROM 50 Shades of Grey to Bridgerton, many TV viewers enjoy a raunchy drama.

An intimacy coach has revealed how they manage to keep things PG on set and the tools they use to prevent actors from actually having sex. 

Jessica Steinrock, who has worked on shows such as Little Fires Everywhere and Fear the Walking Dead, lifted the lid on her work. 

On TikTok she wrote: “How do we make scenes look real on TV? Well… this is certainly part of it!”

She then held up rolls of tape, nipple pasties and a flesh coloured bag. 

Unsurprisingly, people had many further questions. 

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Jessica posted a follow-up video explained: “Here are some of my favourite tools for filming a sex scene on television.

“I am an intimacy coordinator so I choreograph spicy scenes for TV.

“First up we have a strapless thong which pretty much goes where a normal thong would be, but instead of string it’s held up by adhesives.

“For added security we have body tape in all different skin tones to make sure the garment stays on.

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“Next we have some handy silicon pasties. These are the ones I use in my everyday life. They prevent sensation and help actos stay covered.

“And last and not least we have a modesty pouch. A garment typically used to provide coverage for people with penises. 

“These are just for modesty, I have better tools for simulating sex that prevents sensation and helps protect the actors even more.”

Many people were amazed at the tips, with one saying: “I love these videos! Thank you!”

Another added: “Prevent sensation? Never thought of that. Hmmmm.”

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