I’m a vet – there are four dog breeds that will ‘destroy everything’ and always need more training | The Sun

A VET has revealed four high-energy dog breeds that could destroy EVERYTHING in your home if they aren't properly trained.

Alabama veterinarian and TikTok sensation Dr Terrell told the U.S. Sun that you might have some messes to clean up if you don't give these pups a lot of attention.

"Every single pet is definitely its own individual, but they do have generalizations for certain types of breeds," Dr Terrell exclusively told the Sun.

The vet who has gone viral for her hilarious videos shared four specific breeds that will probably require special treatment due to their activity levels.

"The German short-haired pointer comes to mind first because they are just active, active, active," Terrell said.

"They definitely need exercise."

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She also said border collies, while incredibly intelligent, are a herding breed that has tons of energy.

"The vizsla as well. We don't see that commonly here, but these are ones that tend to be pretty active," the pet vet said.

"Labs even. Especially during the puppy phase."

Terrell, who also revealed the five breeds she personally would never own, said that if these dogs aren't trained enough they'll "destroy everything."

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"It's scratching at doors, tearing up pillows and beds. Usually, it's barking and just doing things it knows it's not supposed to do," she said.

"Even eating things that they shouldn't. They can start chewing on something they aren't supposed to have."

The TikTok vet said these breeds will start tearing everything to shreds not necessarily because they're bad dogs but just because they need more stimulation.

"A lot of times it's from boredom," Terrell said.

"They want to be going. They want to be with you.

"They want to run, and when they're not getting that they're gonna focus on other things."

While getting a dog is obviously a super exciting process, Dr Terrell urged future owners to take their time researching so they don't accidentally end up with a high-energy breed they can't properly take care of.

"The best thing to do is to have patience and really think about your lifestyle," the TikTok sensation said.

"Are you active? Are you going hiking on the weekend? Are you working ten or twelve hours a day and never home?

"Do you have kids? Do you live by yourself? Do you have other animals? Those all come into play in what animal you should get."

When Dr Terrell isn't making entertaining and informative videos on her TikTok, she is doing her best to provide great care to all sorts of pets in her home state of Alabama.

This comes as a celebrity dog trainer told the U.S. Sun the three breeds he would never recommend to a busy family with kids.

And Dr Terrell has also revealed the five dog breeds she would definitely own based on her experience as a vet.

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