I’m a vet… three things pet owners should never do & why giving them cooked bones will cost you thousands in vet bills | The Sun

A VET has revealed some common mistakes pet owners always make and they could be costing you thousands in vet bills. 

Dog owners may not be pleased to know that these common treats and games are actually causing your dog more harm than good. 

Dr Hunter Finn shared his list in a TikTok video online. 

He said: “I’m a vet here are a few things pet owners should never do.”

The first big no-no for Hunter is giving your dogs cooked bones.

The pet expert said this is one of the most costly mistakes dog owners can make. 

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He said: “It’s a great way to spend thousands on dental extractions when they wear down or fracture the teeth.”

It’s not unheard for pet owners to give their dog pig ears to chew on.

But Hunter said this is also very bad for your dog as well. 

He said: “This is a great way to give your dog diarrhoea and salmonella.”

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Readers will be stunned to learn the last one, but if your dog is a fan of playing fetch you should not be using a tennis ball. 

Hunter said: “Over time the felt is abrasive and will severely wear down your dog's teeth.”


However this doesn't mean that you can’t play fetch with your dog. The pet expert recommends you use a rubber ball instead.

The dog experts video racked up over 205,000 views online. 

People couldn't believe they were guilty of making such common mistakes. 

One user said: “You try telling a Golden they can't have a tennis ball, I swear they are born craving them.”

Another said: “Had no idea about the pig ears!! My dog loves them!”

“Oops… x 3,” said a third viewer.


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One user even backed up Hunter's claims. 

They said: “Unfortunately I didn’t know about the tennis ball, and my golden has ruined his teeth.”

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