I’m a waitress, there’s one thing ‘helpful’ customers always do to be nice but it makes my job ten times harder

A WAITRESS has revealed the one thing 'helpful' customers do that actually makes her job ten times harder.

The TikTok user, fyrefairie, posted a video sharing how customers stack up their finished serving ware to try and help servers, but it actually makes their job a lot harder to do.

The video has been viewed over 150k times and the TikTok user wrote: "When customers stack their plates at the end of a meal thinking they're being helpful."

She then shows a messy stack of plates a customer had left for her, it shows three plates stacked with their finished cups, rubbish, and cutlery.

Some users who also work in other sectors of hospitality revealed similar situations where customers think they are being helpful when in actual fact, it just gives the staff more work to do.

One user explained how hotel guests make their bed before they leave thinking they're helping when staff have to change the sheets anyway.

She agrees that most customers don't understand the cleaning system restaurants use, and she gave users a heads up on how you can stack your finished serving ware in a way that would actually help waitresses after a user asked what was the best way to help.

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The user wrote: "Omggg I do this, so what’s the most helpful way to help?"

She explained you should put all the big plates together, the bowls together, small plates together, and not mix the mugs/saucers with the plates you ate on.

Although she expressed her gratitude for customers trying to help she said it still caused her to take a deep sigh from within.

However, there were some users who felt they couldn't win either way, one user wrote: "When someone tries to be helpful and doesn't do your job perfectly for you."

"Rather it stacked badly than not stacked at all…" Claimed another user.

Another server wrote: "As a server I ALWAYS appreciate when they stack the plates, you get so used to crappy people it's this one little thing that shows their appreciation."

But there were many users who agreed with her, one said: "If you put your napkins in glasses or mugs you are a menace to society."

Another user commented: "Oh gosh do it properly. I stack as I stack at home. Plates together, bowls together, cutlery lined up together on a plate. cups/glasses not stacked."

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