I’m an anti-aging expert – 3 ways to avoid getting wrinkles around your eyes & fake lashes are OUT | The Sun

THE fear of wrinkles is often more intense than the fear of actually getting older.

Even if you're still at the age where you don't have to worry: it doesn't hurt to start preparing by following three tips to help avoid saggy eyes.

Isabelle Lux knows the trick to a wrinkle-free face, and you can tell she takes care of her skin.

The 31-year-old anti-aging expert posted a TikTok revealing the three things you should avoid if you want tight and clear skin around your eyes.

Protecting your eyes and keeping the skin barrier around them healthy goes beyond having a skincare regimen.

Although it may be hard to hear, some makeup enhancements need to go.


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Isabelle believes pencil eyeliner, strip eyelashes, and waterproof mascara are all harmful.

"Not only are these very damaging when you're actually putting them on, but even more damaging when you're trying to take them off," Isabelle explains.

Confused and disappointed, a viewer questioned whether using makeup removing oil to take off waterproof mascara would make it okay to use.

Unfortunately, Isabelle argued that the long-term effects of using this kind of mascara are not worth it because it causes you to tug at your eyes regardless.

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Next up to go are small sunglasses.

Isabelle urges viewers to invest in a pair of big sunglasses to better protect the skin around their eyes.

While thin sunglasses may be trendy, they cause you to squint through them.

Bigger sunglasses don't require you to do that and can block rays from the sun more.

If you can't fully avoid squinting or furrowing your eyes, as Isabelle says you should, then the next best thing is to give the area a massage.

"Give yourself a little facial massage. This is really important to remind your muscles to stop activating," she explains.

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Her advice was praised by viewers: "Me throwing out my waterproof mascara right now," one wrote.

"I wish we could book you for a consultation," another person said.

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