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WINGING it when doing your laundry can not only damage your clothes but your machine as well.

An appliance expert has revealed the common mistake you might be making that is corroding your washing machine.

TikTok user Renae, who runs an appliance repair account called Renduh, shared a common laundry mistake that could be damaging your machine.

Reacting to a viral video which advised users to add the detergent into the agitator, the center part of a top loading washing machine.

"No, the detergent for your washing machine does not go inside your agitator. Unless your washing machine is specifically labelled that way or it says to do that in the manual, do not do that,"Renae said.

She continued: "While yes the fabric softener dispenser is removeable so that you can clean it nice and easy, down [at the bottom]is the bolt that holds your agitator in place."

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And since a lot of laundry detergents contain bleach, Renae advised viewers to avoid putting it anywhere near the metal bolt as it can corrode.

"There is a specific part for the bleach. [The compartment] goes down [the side of the drum] so the bleach winds up at the bottom, instead of touching your clothes or touching that bolt," Renae explained.

The appliance expert added: "And if you don’t have a spot on your washing machine labelled for detergent, you put the detergent in the drum first and then the clothes."

Renae's followers took to the TikTok comments section to share their thoughts on the revelation.

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"It’s almost as though there may be a manual somewhere that could tell them this. Perhaps on the internet," joked one viewer.

Another user wrote: "I once had a roommate who would pry the top of the agitator off with a coin to put the detergent in there, no softener cup on this machine."

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